What are the valid reasons for stop construction orders?

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Construction projects across the country usually follow similar standards to maintain safety and quality, especially concerning the building’s structural integrity. There are federal and state laws to protect not only the future tenants in these structures but also the people doing the construction work. Going against these regulations can bring about violations that can derail the project. Other severe cases may force authorities to halt work altogether through a stop construction order.

This type of order is a legally enforceable document meant to prevent construction projects from progressing because of severe violations. It can be applicable in specific scenarios, including the following:

  • There are practices at the site that are unsafe and qualify as code violations.
  • The structure shows signs of danger during the inspection, such as fire, framing, equipment or structural risks.
  • The project’s owner or permit holder had a previous stop construction order and continued to violate it.

Failing to take measures to resolve these orders may bring about extensive penalties, usually costing hundreds to thousands of dollars per violation.

Addressing construction issues that can derail progress

Based on the situation, these orders and other violations can severely impact construction projects, leading to costs, delays, and possible legal liabilities. In these scenarios, the developers and contractors could take the harshest blows, facing losses from the project’s disruption and the fines associated with the violations.

When facing these instances, consider seeking legal counsel immediately. Valuable guidance and insight can help involved parties navigate the situation, allowing them to determine appropriate options and address pressing issues. Additionally, getting legal advice early in the project can help with compliance to avoid violations in the first place.

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