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New Jersey & New York Construction Law Blog

Luxury Jersey City apartment complex appeals to investors

The construction and building industry in New Jersey is continuing to grow, as one real estate company announced the successful sale of its latest Jersey City luxury complex. Soho Lofts has 377 units in the city directly across from Manhattan; it features ready public transit access to New York and is designed to appeal to professionals with Manhattan jobs. Mac-Cali Realty Corporation, a major player in the New Jersey real estate market, bought the property on behalf of Roseland Residential Trust.

Roseland focuses on multi-unit housing projects like Soho Lofts, located on the border between Hoboken and Jersey City. In addition to convenient access to the PATH train, the apartment complex is located near the Holland Tunnel and Interstate 78. It also offers easy access to the NJ Transit bus terminal. The complex includes 369 units ranging in size from studios to three-bedroom options as well as eight townhouses. The entire project consists of 13-story and 20-story towers as well as low-rise, four- to seven-story buildings, including ground-floor retail opportunities.

New grocery construction sparks excitement in Paramus

Dairy-themed supermarket retailer Stew Leonard's is entering the New Jersey market, breaking construction on its first location in the state inside the Paramus Park Mall. When completed, the store will include 80,000 square feet of space. The store is known for high-quality products and customer service at its stores in Connecticut and New York, and it has earned a following for its connections to local farmers and for its sale of unique items. The company says that around 80 percent of the store's products are prepared daily inside the shop or brought in fresh on a daily basis.

Construction plans for the site include the chain's well-known quirky decor choices. Stew Leonard's has been called a "Disneyland" for its unique aesthetic, including animatronic characters and a unique weaving aisle. The chain is also known for its friendly staff and focus on customer engagement. While customers are interested in the new construction project, others are as well, as the store will create 350 new jobs in the area.

Construction firm selected for casino expansion

New Jersey residents may have heard that a leading construction company in New York has been selected to lead the $400 million expansion of Resorts World Casino New York City. Plaza Construction will manage phase two of the expansion project underway in Jamaica, Queens. Resorts began building the casino expansion in July 2017, and construction is expected to stretch through 2020. The enlargement will add nearly 500,000 square feet to the gaming property, and the first portion of the new construction is scheduled to open in summer 2019.

The new construction will include a 400-room, 10-story hotel offering five-star suites and a grand entrance. In addition to the hotel accommodations themselves, the property will also include conference and meeting facilities, retail shops, restaurants and bars. There are approximately 1,000 construction workers employed in the building of the expanded casino property. Resorts officials describe the construction project as creating an "unrivaled entertainment and hospitality destination" that will include gaming as well as an array of dining and shopping facilities. Plaza Construction touted its experience building other large, luxurious hotels and high-end real estate.

Three aspects to cover in a construction contract

New Jersey is seeing an uptick in construction projects, especially with construction season right around the corner. But with this projected growth, more agreements will be necessary to assure the building are completed efficiently.

But what should contractors consider in a construction contract? There are some baseline aspects that every contractor in New Jersey should include in their contracts before starting a new project.

Modular project slated for housing development

Modular construction may be a growing trend in the market for new projects in New Jersey and New York. In a modular construction process, a building is constructed away from its final location inside a plant or other controlled facility. It is then assembled on site. While modular construction could present an array of benefits for busy, crowded city locations, it has run into difficulties in the past. Construction delays and other issues have plagued urban modular projects in recent years, including the tower project at Pacific Park in Brooklyn.

Modular construction has been touted as a way to boost construction of affordable housing projects, given the savings that developers can reap by using off-site construction. However, technical concerns have been an issue, as some taller modular projects require the construction of a steel frame on-site to provide stability and strength to the overall building. One 167-unit affordable housing project in East New York is slated for a modular approach. Thorobird Companies and Bangladeshi American Community Development and Youth Services proposed using the technique to construct the building, and their proposal was selected by the city government.

Bayonne Bridge nears completion of construction project

A major New Jersey bridge project has reached completion as announced by the Port Authority on Feb. 8. For drivers using the Bayonne Bridge to cross between Bayonne and Staten Island, the road capacity of the bridge will double. The $17 billion project has transformed the two-lane bridge into a four-lane bridge. Each lane is 12 feet in width, and the bridge retains shoulders where damaged or disabled vehicles can pull over in an attempt to alleviate traffic jams, Port Authority officials said.

The Port Authority also said that the construction project included additional on- and off-ramps on both the New Jersey and New York sides of the bridge. According to the agency, the 90-year-old bridge was widened by 64 feet, and the bridge is also high enough to allow modern container ships to pass by on the way to major ports in both states. Ships carrying up to 18,000 containers can now safely clear the bridge, something that was not possible prior to the renovation. Local officials celebrated the conclusion of the project, but it was not without controversy.

Mayor promises consequences for builder of broken retaining wall

A collapsed retaining wall is the latest setback for a shopping center development in a New Jersey community that never wanted the project in the first place. The mayor of Parsippany said that the wall had not appeared on the building plan that the town approved. He said the builder, RD Management, would be held responsible for the unauthorized construction and its subsequent collapse during heavy rains.

Cleanup of the failed retaining wall will require the temporary closure of one lane of Route 46, the mayor said. Residents could expect traffic delays during rush hour. He expressed his gratitude that the collapse did not hurt anyone.

New Jersey bridge repair holds up traffic study

Monmouth County is considering whether to approve the construction of a solid waste transfer facility. Part of the decision will be impacted by a traffic study near the study's proposed site, but the country board will not consider the study until repairs to a nearby bridge are complete. The waste plant is planned to be built at Randolph Road near the intersection of route 647.

The reason that the county board needs an accurate traffic study is because the new solid waste transfer facility will require a lot of additional trucks on nearby roadways. The study is designed to confirm or refute the information about traffic provided by the company proposing the plan. A third-party engineering firm is conducting the study for a little more than $30,000.

New Jersey to spend more than $1.1 billion in construction

The state of New Jersey has decided to start 2019 with a bang by planning to spend more than $1.1 billion in construction, revitalizing the state's infrastructure. Furthermore, the New Jersey Department of Transportation has more than $500 million issued in construction contracts from the beginning of the year till March. Additionally, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority is issuing new construction contracts, the value of which are in excess of 600$ million. More than two-thirds of that money is going to new projects being designed.

According to the governor of New Jersey, these construction projects will improve the state's transportation infrastructure. In turn, this will act as an invitation to the business community to invest its money in the Garden State.

Whistleblower claims defective bolts used in building bridge

New Jersey residents might be interested in learning that the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, which was formerly known as the Tappan Zee Bridge, may have been constructed with defective steel bolts. The New York Attorney General is reportedly investigating claims of a coverup during the construction of the bridge, which spans the Hudson River.

According to news sources, approximately 1 million of the bolts that were used to build the bridge broke during construction. A whistleblower who served as a safety inspector during the bridge's construction claims that evidence about the defective bolts was discarded. He also alleges that the construction company falsified documents to hide the existence of the defective bolts.

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