Addressing construction claims related to egress windows

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Egress windows are crucial for keeping people safe in emergencies. They provide a clear way to get out of a building quickly. Besides safety, these windows also make living spaces better by letting in more natural light and fresh air.

Because of this importance, constructors or subcontractors may often face construction claims related to how they install these windows. Egress problems often result in construction claims.  Workmanship defects, like improperly sized or placed windows, may also raise safety concerns and add complexity to construction claims.

Compliance with building codes for egress windows

Building codes mandate doors, windows and exits must be a certain size and in specific places. The goal is to make sure everyone, including those with mobility challenges, can easily get in and out. Key things for egress windows are:

  • Size and dimensions: Egress windows must meet minimum size requirements outlined in building codes to allow easy exit and entry.
  • Location: It is important to put egress windows in the right spots in bedrooms and basements so you can easily escape if you need to.
  • Depth and size of window wells: Windows below ground need window wells that are a certain size. This makes it safe to get out and avoids things blocking the way.

Noncompliance with these standards can result in code violations and disputes between construction parties.

Preparing for claims: Documentation matters

When dealing with issues about how windows are put in, especially with escape requirements, it is important to have thorough documentation. Make sure you have:

  • Building permits
  • Construction drawings
  • Inspection reports
  • Product specifications
  • Communication records
  • Contract agreements:
  • Change orders

A well-organized documentation system is essential for building a strong defense against claims related to improper egress windows. Additionally, consulting legal professionals can help ensure compliance and preparedness in addressing these claims.

Egress issues in construction claims

Egress issues may escalate to regulatory challenges, fines and legal disputes if negotiations fail. Prioritizing egress requirements is crucial for contractors and stakeholders to reduce the risk of claims. It ensures both regulatory compliance and the safety of building occupants.

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