What should you know about lighting codes?

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Construction codes are laws that dictate what you must and cannot do when building. When it comes to erecting homes, the rules are rather strict.

Because laws can change, you should review the codes often. If you are in violation, it can greatly impact your ability to close a deal on the building. One of the codes to note is the lighting requirements, as they are easy to overlook and could create a lot of trouble.

Lighting requirements importance

The lighting codes are important for safety and health. People need exposure to sunlight to stay healthy and avoid medical conditions. In addition, proper lighting makes a home safe. The lighting requirements for builders help ensure that a family moving into a home will have the ability to ensure their home has safe lighting.

Lighting code

The lighting code states that every bathroom must have some source of light. The lighting can come from a window. If it is artificial, there must be a wall switch for turning it on and off.

All rooms that people will frequent in the home must have at least one window. A total of windows must equal 8% of the floor area. Skylights are a window for meeting this code.

The same rooms must have two electrical outlets that could serve as power sources for lighting.

Other areas, such as hallways, staircases, closets and other non-habitable rooms, must have a natural or artificial light source.

Following lighting codes is essential because making changes after the build is complete are incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

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