What are common construction code violations?

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During this building boom, safety standards must remain firmly in place. A code violation may knock a project off budget and cause a stop to work.

Codes are rules and regulations construction companies should adhere to when building any structure. The type of building matters when it comes to following the code since different uses dictate the rules. The purpose of a building code is to ensure that the building is safe for people and does not present an inherent risk of injury.

What are common violations?

Some construction site code violations occur more frequently than others. In New Jersey, the most common violations include:

Shoddy electrical work

When a contractor does not install the electrical components correctly, it may increase the fire hazard risk. Improper sizing of conduits, wiring and fuse boxes are common errors made during construction that may result in a violation.

Poor deck construction

Cutting corners to save money here and there may lead to missing elements essential to safety. For instance, insufficient flashing on a deck or connectors that keep it tightly fastened to the building and grounded on properly sized pillars may cause it to collapse.

Missing handrail connections

Handrails remain an essential element whenever steps are part of a building. Whether inside or outside, steps need a railing to ensure that pedestrians using the stairs have something to hold onto for balance and stability. One requirement of a handrail is proper fastening to both ends of either the building or a banister.

A construction code violation can send the timeline for a project spiraling. However, not dealing with these issues may result in a lawsuit further down the line for a construction defect.

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