How to minimize construction defect liability

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Owning a construction business in New Jersey can leave you open to liability. If you aren’t careful, you can be held responsible for a great many unfortunate incidents including construction gaffes. This is a disaster that you can only avert through vigilance.

Common examples of defects in building construction

There are several types of construction defects that you will need to be on the lookout for in order to avoid. These can include flaws in the initial design that may not become obvious until the project is well advanced. These may be faulty roof designs or problems with the heating system of a building.

You may suddenly discover that the materials you have been using for the building of your project are not up to standard. The plumbing or wiring of a building may have to be torn out and completely replaced. There may also be maintenance or operational errors that cause the building to be unsafe.

How to protect your project against liability

No business owner wants to face the costly prospect of being named in a construction defect liability lawsuit. Your best bet is to document every step of the process. This will help you build a solid record of the evidence that can hold up under scrutiny in a court of law.

Make sure that you keep yourself abreast of any changes to laws in the municipalities where your construction projects are being built. You should also consult closely with your insurance and legal advisors, and listen to the foremen who are in charge of the day-to-day details of the projects. This will give you the level of attention you need to prevent and mitigate any liability for future defects.

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