Common construction defects in New Jersey

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Construction defects are some of the leading causes of disputes between property owners and builders. It’s important to understand the most common defects so that you can be prepared to identify and address them if they occur during your construction project.

Common construction defects

One of the most common construction defects is water infiltration. This can occur when the sealant around windows and doors fails or when the roofing system isn’t properly installed and allows moisture to seep in.

Another common defect is poor workmanship. This can include shoddy construction, incorrect installation of fixtures and finishes, or poor craftsmanship.

Structural defects are also common. These can include problems with the foundation, framing or roofing system. Improperly installed or defective materials can also cause many problems in a finished construction project. This includes everything from windows and doors that don’t seal properly to shingles that blow off in a storm.

Failure to meet building codes is another problem that often leads to legal issues and construction disputes. This can include everything from not having the proper fire rating for a structure to installing plumbing that doesn’t meet current code requirements.

How can you protect yourself from construction defects?

The best way to protect yourself from construction defects is to be an active and informed participant in your project. Be sure to review the plans and specs and ask lots of questions. If you see something that doesn’t look right, speak up. It’s also important to have a good relationship with your builder. If you do encounter problems with your construction project, a good relationship can help to resolve issues more quickly and amicably.

Besides leading to disputes, lawsuits and high expenses, construction defects can cause serious safety hazards. The good news is that it’s possible to take some simple steps to protect yourself from many of these problems.

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