What are the most common construction site code violations?

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Residents of New Jersey expect their buildings to be sturdy and up to code. However, there are times when construction code violations occur when housing is being constructed. Some of these violations are very common and can pose significant risks to anyone on the property.

Poor electrical work

Faulty electrical work is among the most common construction code violations in New Jersey. This can put everyone at risk. Wiring might be installed incorrectly if the wrong size circuit is used, splicing wires is done without a junction box or a GFCI is missing in a major room circuit. Without a GFCI, you’re asking for trouble as everything that should be connected to a circuit could go out.

Not checking for asbestos or lead

Older buildings that were constructed before the 1970s might have been made with materials that include asbestos or lead. Testing must be done to determine whether those harmful substances are present. If there are traces of lead or asbestos, they can safely be removed during the construction process. Not performing that testing is a huge construction code violation and can adversely affect the health of the workers and future residents.

Handrails that lack returns

Some New Jersey construction code violations involve handrails without returns along stairways. A return is the connection that turns and attaches to the wall at either end of the handrail or banister. If the return is missing, an accident can occur with a person tripping and stumbling if their sleeve or bag strap gets caught on the end of the rail.

Decks improperly constructed

If a deck is improperly constructed and fastened to a home, it can be disastrous and extremely dangerous. One of the biggest problems lies with the flashing. If flashing is missing or the wrong type is used, it can cause water damage whenever it rains or snows. The right type of anchors must also be used to keep it secured.

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