Time limits and construction liens

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Contractors and construction company owners have many different issues to take into consideration when it comes to compensation, whether a worker files a complaint over their wages or a lawsuit targeting a construction company surfaces. Sometimes, contractors decide to take action as a result of inadequate compensation by filing a lien. However, there are various factors to consider, especially time limitations that are in place.

Contractors who fail to file a construction lien in a timely manner are sometimes unable to pursue compensation for what they have experienced.

How long do you have to file a construction lien?

According to the County of Cape May’s website, those who wish to file a lien in New Jersey over a construction project have 90 days following the completion of work to file a claim. Those who provide services or supplies to make improvements to property without receiving compensation in full are able to move forward by placing a lien on real property, so long as they are within the time limits that are in place.

How do you file a lien in New Jersey?

Aside from time limitations, there are other factors to consider for those thinking about filing a lien. Under New Jersey law, those who want to file construction liens need to have an original contract in existence in order to move ahead. Furthermore, residential claimants are required to file a lien through the Arbitration Association. By understanding these factors and other legal issues, those who were not paid in full for their services are able to pursue the compensation that they deserve.

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