Construction proceeds on residential building

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New construction projects continue to rise throughout New Jersey. One major project in New Brunswick, the home of Rutgers University and the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, is The Standard, a new high-rise residential complex designed for the city’s downtown. The building is planned to reach 247 feet above street level with a focus on residential accommodations. Construction is already taking place with the concrete core at the center of the building forming a unique part of the New Brunswick skyline.

When construction is completed, the 21-story building will include 186 different apartments with a major focus on rental properties. The project is being developed by Landmark Properties, which envisions that lower levels will be promoted to university students from nearby Rutgers. On the other hand, the upper floors of the building will be marketed to working professionals in the area. The sizes of the units will range from studio options to five-bedroom homes. The building is also planned to include additional amenities, including common study rooms that will be located on the lower levels and marketed as a boon to attract students. The building will also include a fitness center and storage space.

While the building has a primarily residential focus, it will also include 2,000 square feet of retail options as well as 111 parking spaces. It is scheduled to be completed in 2020. Cost and time overruns can be some of the most common issues facing large-scale construction projects, and many developers and contractors may wish to include specific terms addressing the potential for delays.

Construction projects are major investments, especially when it comes to commercial developments or residential buildings. A New Jersey or New York construction law firm may help parties negotiate contracts and handle disputes when they arise to allow the project to move forward.

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