Whistleblower claims defective bolts used in building bridge

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New Jersey residents might be interested in learning that the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, which was formerly known as the Tappan Zee Bridge, may have been constructed with defective steel bolts. The New York Attorney General is reportedly investigating claims of a coverup during the construction of the bridge, which spans the Hudson River.

According to news sources, approximately 1 million of the bolts that were used to build the bridge broke during construction. A whistleblower who served as a safety inspector during the bridge’s construction claims that evidence about the defective bolts was discarded. He also alleges that the construction company falsified documents to hide the existence of the defective bolts.

The whistleblower reportedly taped conversations about the bolts and turned the tapes over to the NY AG’s office. On the tapes, a worker calls the bolts a major defect. Others can be heard talking about not wanting to report the defects because it could have led to a work stoppage. The bolts are currently being tested, and the construction company, Tappan Zee Constructors, is reportedly cooperating. If the bolts are defective, they could become brittle and fail over time.

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