Resolving Construction Defect Disputes For New Jersey And New York

So long as there are construction projects, there will be construction defect disputes. At Skolnick Legal Group, P.C., we represent contractors in New Jersey and New York involved in a wide range of disputes involving:

  • Design defects
  • Substandard materials
  • Negligent construction
  • Improper supervision
  • Condominium association claims

Decades Of Experience, Unique Insight Into Construction Law Issues

We utilize over 75 years of combined experience to help our clients find the best solution to their specific situation.

Our founding attorney Martin Skolnick has unique insight many construction law attorneys do not possess. He has a thorough knowledge of both sides of the law, having worked for over 10 years as in-house general counsel to one of the area’s largest construction companies. He knows how the other side thinks and our clients benefit from that knowledge.

Together, our team has an extensive familiarity with the issues those in the construction industry face when it comes to defect-related issues.

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If you are in the midst of a construction-related defect dispute, contact our team of lawyers via phone or email to find out how we can help. Schedule a free consultation at one of our three office locations. We offer candid, honest and cost-effective advice.

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We also resolve and handle matters involving breach of contract.

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We possess an in-depth understanding of construction laws, procedures and contracts, and are equipped to resolve disputes involving code violations, public bidding issues and more.

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From breach of contract to shareholder, partner or third-party disputes, we help individuals find solutions to a wide range of business matters.

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Our attorneys routinely resolve title disputes, land use, easement and property line conflicts, development issues and more.

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When financial problems arise, we help business owners determine if bankruptcy is the best option, and if so, which form of bankruptcy is optimal.

Local Counsel Services

Look to our firm’s expertise in the  New Jersey, New York state and federal court systems, especially our experience is Construction, Real Estate and Business Litigation.