Construction underway at New Providence’s first craft brewery

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Craft beer enthusiasts in the New Jersey borough of New Providence won’t have far to travel to quench their thirst when a new brewery and tasting room opens. Consisting of a husband and wife and their cousin, the team behind the independently owned company plans to present a wide selection of uniquely prepared craft brews. The building, which will include a tasting room, is now under construction on Spring Street.

The brewery’s owners hope to cultivate a loyal craft beer community in the New Jersey-New York area around New Providence by offering selections that include hazy and hoppy India pale ales (IPAs), lagers, sour and barrel-aged beers and session ales. The process of bringing this brewery and tasting room to New Providence began with approval by the town’s planning board. This was followed by the issuance of a brewers notice and approval of the initial construction permits.

As the construction continues, one of the owners has described her excitement at seeing the vision for the space become a reality. The basic design concept is to create a gathering spot that’s “contemporary, industrial, innovative and inviting,” according to the co-owner. Remaining steps prior to the opening of the brewery include obtaining a certificate of occupancy from New Providence and receiving local and state approvals following a final inspection. The owners are already in the process of looking for bartenders to become part of their team.

An attorney familiar with construction law can offer advice on what steps to take during the building process to lower the risk of delays that could increase costs. A lawyer may further assist a client planning new construction by reviewing or drafting contracts involving contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and other key parties. Legal representation may also be necessary if disputes arise among one or more parties or with local and state officials while seeking the required approvals.

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