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Helping businesses located throughout New Jersey and New York is a key component to our law firm — Skolnick Legal Group, P.C. We are here to assist with a wide variety of merchant cash advance (MCA) issues. Although MCAs involving the sale of future receivables are used widely as an alternative to traditional loans by contractors and other small businesses wishing to avoid lengthy approval processes and strict credit requirements, MCAs claim they are exempt from state usury laws limiting banks from charging high-interest rates and other laws that protect businesses and their owners.

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We assist with merchant cash advance (MCA) issues involving:

  • MCA agreement review
  • Evaluation of case docket
  • Negotiation with MCA company to reduce and/or eliminate debt

If you are drained by dealing with your MCA company and having difficulty making your payments on a daily or weekly basis, the attorneys at Skolnick Legal Group will take a common-sense approach to represent you in your dealings with the MCA company, including renegotiating the terms of your MCA agreement or litigating your case in case in court, if necessary. We will help you find and implement the best strategy to help you successfully resolve your dispute.

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