What information must you include when filing a construction lien?

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A construction lien allows you the right to collect money owed to you by a homeowner. It is a legal process so it is essential that you include all the right information when filing the lien.

State law provides a basic form within the legal language that allows you to see exactly what you must include.

Identification details

You must include in the lien language that you are giving a notice based on the law. You must list the name of the person against which you are filing and your name. Also, you need to outline the specific property the lien is against, including the legal address and description. The description will include the block and lot from the county tax map.

Claim details

Your filing must also include the claim you want to make. You need to list a specific dollar amount owed to you and explain it is for work done. You will want to make sure that you outline what services you provided and how the money will cover those services per the original agreement you made with the homeowner. Make sure you also include the date you provided service and note any payments the person already made.

It is essential to ensure you include every detail possible about the person, property and agreement so that you maintain the right to collect the money owed to you under this lien. You must file your paperwork with the court for it to be valid and to be able to collect. It will allow you to have a right to the proceeds from the property should the homeowner try to sell it.

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