What are the types of construction defects?

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Construction defects occur during the building process. They can happen at various stages and for multiple reasons in any type of construction project.

Understanding the types of defects that you may encounter can enable you to recognize issues in your situation.


One type of defect results from poor workmanship. If the contractors who built your home or property failed to follow industry standards or just did a bad job, this can result in a range of issues. For example, poor workmanship could cause problems with the foundation or introduce mold into your home.


Design issues occur in the very beginning phases of the build. They are problems with the blueprints or designs of the building. Regardless of every other aspect, if no other issue existed, the design issues would lead to problems eventually. They are a direct result of someone not understanding industry standards or lacking the experience to know their design is not something that will work.


Material defects occur when the supplies used to build are inadequate. Even if the contractors build to specifications and are careful about doing everything by the book, bad materials will still cause issues. This issue will typically result in areas of the home disintegrating much faster than they should normally.

Your construction issue could be the result of one or more of these types of defects. However, just one problem can compound and lead to additional issues. To find the original problem, you will have to consider everything about the situation to find out what went wrong first and led to the current situation.

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