Could the Code Assistance Unit help you?

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Any time you change something about your home or add to it, you will need to ensure you are following building codes. If you are constructing anything, even if you hire someone to do the work, you ultimately have to ensure the work is up to code.

Unfortunately, building codes are not the easiest thing to understand. The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs suggests you could contact the Code Assistance Unit for help if needed.

Its purpose

The Code Assistance Unit helps out homeowners, contractors, building professionals and government agencies. It provides assistance with ensuring code compliance, while also providing knowledge and education about codes. It is ultimately part of the system that ensures building codes help to create a safe community.

Contact information

You can contact the Code Assistance Unit by phone, fax or email. The phone is the quickest option and will provide you with a verbal answer to questions. Fax is for formal answers, and email is for informal answers. The unit will answer all incoming inquiries in the order of receipt.

If you call and nobody answers, it can take up to two business days for a return call. Written inquiries in the form of fax or email can take up to 10 business days for a response.

If you use email, make sure that you include a subject line that gives a clear summary of what is in the email. This allows the unit to direct it to the correct person and will speed up the response.

If you have any questions about building codes, do not hesitate to contact the Code Assistance Unit. Make sure you do not wait until the last minute, though, as responses may take time.

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