Should you check new homes for construction defects?

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When you’re buying a new construction home, you may think that you don’t need a home inspection. However, it’s possible that the workers made a mistake or cut corners while building it and installing appliances. If you discover a construction defect, New Jersey usually allows you to file a lawsuit within six years of discovery.

Grading and drainage

Grading and drainage construction defects could cause water damage to the home. Improper grading and drainage allows too much water to collect around the foundation. If you’re in a climate that has cold winters like New Jersey, water freezing around the foundation could cause more serious cracks.

Wood flooring separating

If construction workers don’t allow wood flooring to acclimate before installation, this could cause the flooring to begin separating months later. Wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity. Correct installation of flooring is important. When workers are put on tight schedules, they might take shortcuts that result in issues for the new homeowner.

Shrinkage cracks

Improperly-mixed concrete is susceptible to developing shrinkage cracks. When water freezes in the cracks, it can cause the gaps to become larger. Large cracks in the concrete may cause sagging and heaving. You need to seal cracks when you notice them, whether they are on driveways or walkways.

Dirty duct system

Most people don’t consider that their duct system is dirty when they buy a new construction home. When construction workers fail to cover the vents and registers before beginning work, sawdust and other debris can get inside the duct system. You will need to clean the ducts, vents and register to protect the duct system from damage.

Improperly installed heating and cooling system

When you move into your home, and you notice it’s not comfortable inside, or the heating and cooling system doesn’t work well, it was probably installed incorrectly. This could be an expensive problem, as you might need a new system.

With so many potential problems in a new construction home, you should have an inspector take a look at it before buying. You want to have confidence that you’re not going to discover problems from the construction months or years later.

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