What are the most common construction defects?

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You naturally expect residential and commercial buildings in New Jersey to be safe. Unfortunately, many buildings suffer from construction defects that can put everyone in danger. You should know about the most common construction defects.

Facade and window leaks

Facade and window leaks are very common construction defects. This flaw exists as a result of trying to create a specific intricate design to grab the attention of potential buyers. Unfortunately, when there’s a leak in the facade or in windows, it can lead to water damage. Often, this type of damage is complex, making it difficult to repair.

Problems with wooden floors

Wood naturally expands and contracts over time. When the flooring is installed when it’s damp, it can lead to problems. Gaps can develop on the floor, which not only makes it look unattractive, but it can also warp and feel uncomfortable for walking. Facade leaks are often the culprit when you face these flooring problems.

Lack of fire prevention features

A huge problem with construction is when there are too few or no fire prevention measures in place. If there are no seals around pipes and conduits that can stop a fire in its place, it can result in a building quickly becoming engulfed in flames. Even if only one apartment catches fire, others nearby can suffer from smoke damage.

Ventilation and exhaust issues

Buildings must have proper ventilation in public and private areas. Sometimes, high-rise buildings suffer from ventilation and exhaust problems due to what’s known as the “stack effect.” During the cooler seasons, when the heat is on, heat rises and leads to too much pressure. Sometimes, it can even lead to the malfunction of elevators.

Poor substitutions

When a problem arises in a building and something needs to be repaired or replaced, it may be done using poor-quality materials. This is a common construction defect that is done due to wanting to save money. Cheap quality materials can lead to things breaking down more quickly and more work being done.

Unfortunately, construction defects lead to residents and tenants suffering. If you’ve been injured as a result or suffered damages, you have the right to file a lawsuit.

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