What do you know about sidestepping construction disputes?

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After a recent close call with a client, you now think more about the potential for full-blown contract disputes. How do you protect yourself and your construction business?

Construction Marketing Association dives into strategies for avoiding construction disagreements. Get ahead of a potential disaster to save your future self time and money.

Bring up potential setbacks and hazards

Depending on your level of experience and expertise in the construction industry, you may anticipate risks and delays for a project before it starts. If so, bring those issues to the attention of everyone involved in the project as quickly as possible. That way, everyone has a chance to plan accordingly, and you reduce your risk of losing a contract.

Make it legal

Rather than shaking hands or making oral agreements, put all project details in writing. Specifically, note the part each party plays in the project and the repercussions of failing to follow through with those actions. Should a dispute arise, you have signed documents that may help build your case. Have a professional look over signed agreements to ensure they stand up in court.

Keep in constant contact

Breakdowns in communication often pave the way to agreement disputes. Do not stop communicating once you finish setting the project’s initial framework. Instead, maintain the lines of communication after getting the project started and at every level of progression that follows. That way, if discussed or anticipated setbacks arise, you do not have to waste time bringing the other parties up to speed. Also, staying in touch with everyone better ensures no one feels left out, which may complicate matters and erode trust.

You cannot avoid all construction contract disputes, but you may minimize your frustration. Use these tips to keep projects flowing smoothly.

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