The problems caused by construction defects

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A strong and enduring building provides quality space for investors in New Jersey. People in the construction market want buildings that they can count on for years to come.

When construction defects happen, however, a great investment can be quickly spoiled. Some defects may not be apparent right after a building is constructed, but they will soon reveal themselves when other problems start happening.

Issues resulting from construction defects

Interface consulting mentions that building code violations are a risk when faulty construction practices are at play. While code violations may be noticed right away when the building is inspected, some of the other problems can be more insidious:

  • Excessive movement of the foundation can happen when improper materials are used or design flaws affect the building’s structural integrity.
  • If the building is not properly sealed, water intrusion can lead to damage to both the building itself and the appliances and furnishings contained within.
  • Whether through penetration of water or moisture, mold can start to slowly build up until it becomes a health hazard.
  • Cosmetic defects may be spotted at first, or they may just be painted over. But when the defective area is exposed to the elements or the regular strains of frequent human interaction, the presence of a defect becomes highly noticeable.

These issues can be alarming, but why do they happen?

Causes of construction defects

There are many possible causes of defects, but they can all be avoided. Travelers Insurance points out that one of the biggest problems is the use of cheap or improper materials. Other causes of defects can include deficiencies in how something is maintained, operated, installed or designed.

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