What are the different types of zoning districts?

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If you are a commercial developer or commercial construction worker, you know the importance of following all building codes. In addition to codes for specific building regulations, you must also follow codes for different zoning districts.

The intended use of a building and the location of a building may play into the zoning district and, therefore, the codes that must be followed.

Types of zoning districts in New York City

New York City planning indicates that it recognizes five unique building zoning districts. A district related to business or commerce may be either a commercial district or a manufacturing district depending on the nature of the work conducted there, for example. Areas designed for living would be noted as residential districts. When existing zoning laws undergo specific changes within a neighborhood, it may establish a special purpose district. These differ from special area districts which adhere to one zoning type and add on unique regulations appropriate for the region.

Reasons for different zoning districts

As a developer or a builder, you should know the zoning laws as they dictate not only the options available for new construction but also the options for upgrading or amending existing buildings in the district. Existing zoning rules also govern any requests made for special changes to exceptions, such as with a special area or special purpose district.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give an overview of the range of zoning districts identified in New York and how the specific regulations in each one may impact construction development.

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