What kinds of work do not require construction permits?

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As a construction contractor, you know the hassles you sometimes encounter when getting a construction permit for one of your projects. You also likely realize that you can do some types of ordinary maintenance and minor work without the need for a construction permit.

What you may not know, however, is that New Jersey revised its Code two years ago. Per this new Code, you can now take on more ordinary maintenance and minor repair jobs without needing to get a construction permit than you could before.

New permit-free ordinary maintenance jobs

Per the recent revisions, you can now do the following jobs without a construction permit:

  • Siding: repair or replace existing siding with any material other than those containing polypropylene
  • Windows/Doors: repair, replace or install screens
  • Insulation: replace or install insulation with anything other than foam plastic
  • Gutters: repair, replace or install gutters
  • Plumbing: repair or replace existing fixtures and fixture parts
  • Pipes: repair or replace existing plumbing pipes to fix leakages

In addition, you can also repair or replace existing electrical receptacles, switches and lighting fixtures as long as they do not contain emergency battery packs. You can likewise apply liquid lining inside an existing chimney. For any ordinary maintenance jobs you do in a residential dwelling, you can add the repair and replacement of existing kitchen range hoods to your list of permit-free jobs.

Finally, for any ordinary maintenance jobs you do in a one- or two-family dwelling, the following jobs also come permit-free:

  • Roofing: repair or replacement of an existing roof
  • Alarm systems: installation of a security system or burglar alarm
  • Doorbells: repair, replacement or installation of doorbells
  • Irrigation systems: repair, replacement or installation of plug-in landscape irrigation units of less than 30 volts

Thanks to these new additions to the list of jobs you can take on without having to go through the hassle of getting a construction permit, you may find new revenue sources for your business.

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