What construction defects cause mold?

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In New Jersey, it is important for construction workers to follow codes and regulations when building structures. This is what keeps occupants safe. Unfortunately, defects still occur. Today we will look at some construction defects that can result in you having a mold problem in your home or business. 

First, mold is the result of spores getting into the home. This happens to everyone and you cannot avoid it. Mold spores exist everywhere outside. They are often brought indoors by beloved family pets or carried in on a person’s clothes or belongings. If you leave windows open, even with the screen, mold spores can get inside. But in most houses, these spores die because they do not have an environment to grow in. Mold needs the right amount of moisture, light and temperature in order to flourish. In many cases, this is a warm and damp environment. 

Many construction defects that result in mold are thus related to water. Primary examples include windows that do not sit in the frame well. Improper seals on windows and doors also cause mold. So do improper seals on sinks or other sources of water. Certain types of insulation encourages the growth of mold. A lack of ventilation results in mold growth in many rooms as well. 

If you want to read more about construction defects, visit our web page here. You can learn more on how defects happen and what to do about them. You can read up on other areas related to construction as well. This includes construction litigation, contract disputes and more. 

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