What are the common causes of construction litigation?

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There are several causes of construction litigation in New Jersey. Typically, construction litigation primarily involves one party breaking the terms of a contract. In most cases, a project gets initiated once you, as the contractor, sign legally binding documents with the project owners. The contracts stipulate, among other things, how you will undertake the project.

If you fail to follow the agreed process or if the result is not what the contract states, the affected party may decide to launch a legal claim for the breach of contract.

The other common causes of construction litigation are injuries and accidents that happen during the implementation of a project. During construction, injuries can occur, and if you can prove that the working conditions were not safe, then your employer will face charges.

The quality of a project may also attract a lawsuit. If the completed project fails to meet the set quality standards, there will not be an assurance of overall safety. A poor-quality project will most likely fail industry inspections. Also, project quality can be compromised if you use unskilled labor or if you use substandard materials and equipment for construction.

Another major cause of construction ligation is a delay during the construction. Several plausible reasons can cause delays. These include bad weather, labor, and permits. Although some of these reasons are hardly your fault as the contractor, you can still face a lawsuit for the delays.

If the written agreement indicates a completion date, you may get forced to incur penalties for the delays. Most contractors leave an allowance of time to cater for any delays.

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