Does your new build meet fire separation codes?

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Working in construction in New Jersey means understanding all the different building codes you will deal with in the course of your various projects. If you build new single-family homes, there is a specific fire code you need to understand. If you want to build a garage beneath a living space, the state has detailed requirements you must meet to be u to code for fire safety.

The Department of Community Affairs explains your project needs a one-hour fire-resistance rating. You must use specific materials and construction methods when installing fireproofing to meet the code. Understanding the requirements will help prevent code violations, which can slow down your project and lead to further issues with your build.

Some of the basics of the fire code include specifications for any door leading to the house from the garage, any wall between the house and the garage and the load-bearing outside wall of the garage. For the door, it must be 1 3/8-inches thick. It can be honeycomb steel or solid core steel or wood.

Looking at the walls, you want any wall between the house a garage to use one layer of 5/8-inch Type X gypsum wallboard. This requirement is only for the garage side of the wall. The exterior, load-bearing wall needs a one-hour rating as well, so you can use the same gypsum wallboard to achieve this.

Solid construction and adherence to fire codes is the best way to build a home that will protect and serve your clients. Codes set out very specific requirements that you must follow if you wish to avoid issues in the future with violations or possible liability. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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