It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a crane

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Thunderstorms can turn violent and menacing. With high winds, massive rainstorms, booming thunder, cascading lighting strikes, damaging hail and a possible tornado sighting, mother nature has a lot of weapons at her disposal during a thunderstorm. One thing you wouldn’t expect, is that a crane ravages your home.

During a storm, your home should be a safe-haven of comfort and security. That was not the case for a woman living in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

On July 21, 2019, a strong thunderstorm levied high winds to New Jersey, knocking down trees, power lines and yes, a very large construction crane. The crane ended up twisting, which led to the crane finding a new resting spot atop the roof of an adjacent house. The aftermath was significant – rendering the house currently unlivable due to the crane smashing through the roof.

The New Brunswick home, which was housing eight now temporarily displaced women, wasn’t the only victim of the collapsed crane. Two units of a town house experienced damage at the hands of the crane. In the aftermath, the construction company responsible for the crane are working with city engineers on how to properly remove it.

There are adverse situations you may have to deal with during a thunderstorm, like a power outage, hail damage to your car or house or a fallen tree. A crane falling through the roof of your home is far from an everyday disturbance.

The crane was aiding in the building of a luxury apartment complex next to the homes.

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