What is a construction defect?

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Many things could go wrong when building a home or other structure in New Jersey. Most of the time, you can protect against such things by doing the job well and relying on your training and knowledge. As a contractor, you have to stand behind your work. So, any issues could make you liable for repairs and other related expenses. However, sometimes, you may not be to blame. When it comes to construction defects, Modern Contractor Solutions Magazine explains they could be out of your control.

Some construction defects do involve the work you have done. The design of the build could have defects, which may fall on your or the architect. Mistakes made in the building process are other construction defects, and they are generally your responsibility. These defects may be avoidable if you have a good system set up to check over work and ensure quality along the way.

Another type of construction defect that you may not have control over is defective materials. You may not know right away that the materials you used in the build are defective. A defect could appear much later after the structure is completely built. In this case, things may fall on the manufacturer of the materials, but you would still have to make it right for your client in many cases.

In any case, a construction defect may not be noticeable right away or even easily. It could take time to discover the issue. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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