NJ Transit plans power plant construction

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A New Jersey construction project is scheduled to begin in 2021. The natural gas-fired power plant will provide additional energy for NJ Transit’s train system. The transportation agency expects that the construction project will be completed over a four-year period. When announcing the project, the agency said that it would lead to over 250 jobs during the construction process as well as 30 permanent jobs in running and operating the plant after it has been completed.

Construction workers spoke in support of the planned project at a public hearing in Newark. Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers said that the plant would increase NJ Transit’s capacity to operate more trains while providing good jobs to workers in the trades. The facility is designed to power the Hudson Bergen Light Rail system, the Morris & Essex train line, and the Northeast Corridor line. It is also designed to provide additional power to offset outages during weather problems and other electrical emergencies. NJ Transit has announced plans for more construction projects that can improve its capacity.

Some people criticized the plan to build the plant in Kearny. An environmental advocate said that a recent chemical plant fire in the area pointed to the potential problems with more heavy industry. He urged the transit authority to consider options like solar panels, wind turbines and other more renewable energy sources to build capacity. City officials also expressed concern about the project, saying that they did not see it as the best use for the open land.

When launching a new construction project in the private or the public sector, there are a number of serious factors to be considered. Disputes can arise over delays or cost overruns. New Jersey and New York construction contract lawyers can help companies to negotiate successful agreements and develop mechanisms to resolve disputes.

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