How Google and Amazon integrate into New York communities

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were the top two contenders by the end. 

Are the New York neighborhoods excited to welcome the tech giants?

The short answer is no. Even though the money the giants can bring and the employment opportunities they can provide, residents are not happy with the expansion in their area. Residents are upset that the move is increasing the cost of housing. The neighborhood is extremely divers with pubic housing lying alongside luxury buildings. An expansion like this will definitely drive up the cost of living, making it even more difficult for residents to comfortably live in an already costly area. 

Small business are not happy either. Google has always prompted their workplace culture which includes free food-at-work. So even though their will be an influx of workers in the city, local restaurants will not benefit from the expansion as the workers will be unlikely to go off campus for lunch. 

Amazon has received even more flak about it proposed move to one of its finalist neighborhoods, going so far as to higher a high-powered lobbying firm to help deal with the political unrest in the area, brought on by not properly involving the community in the discussions about the move. 

The move of more technologies to the area is facilitating gentrification

Many smaller companies quickly fell on the heels of Google moving into the area and facilitating the process of gentrification with improvements such as the newly constructed High Line which attracted tourists, developers and new resident. 

What can the Google and Amazon expansions tell construction companies are changing the landscape of well-established neighborhoods?

Construction companies rely on these massive expansions to help them succeed and become leaders in the industry. So what can they learn from this story about moving into more well-established communities that may be hesitant to be accepting?

  • Always involve the neighborhood in the project so it seems like you are acclimating not taking over.
  • Take into consideration how the new construction will affect not only residents but local business.
  • Consider the makeup of the neighborhood and how the changes to the space will affect the landscape.

When construction projects are met with negative feedback from area residents and businesses, it can cause serious problems to keep on schedule and create a negative view of your company. Not to mention the legal hoops you may be required to jump through to get in line with regulations and political issues. If you are dealing with a construction project that you fear may run into difficulties, retaining the services of an attorney can help prepare yours for what you need to expect and also help you navigate any roadblocks you may encounter to stay on track and on schedule. 

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