Construction firm selected for casino expansion

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New Jersey residents may have heard that a leading construction company in New York has been selected to lead the $400 million expansion of Resorts World Casino New York City. Plaza Construction will manage phase two of the expansion project underway in Jamaica, Queens. Resorts began building the casino expansion in July 2017, and construction is expected to stretch through 2020. The enlargement will add nearly 500,000 square feet to the gaming property, and the first portion of the new construction is scheduled to open in summer 2019.

The new construction will include a 400-room, 10-story hotel offering five-star suites and a grand entrance. In addition to the hotel accommodations themselves, the property will also include conference and meeting facilities, retail shops, restaurants and bars. There are approximately 1,000 construction workers employed in the building of the expanded casino property. Resorts officials describe the construction project as creating an “unrivaled entertainment and hospitality destination” that will include gaming as well as an array of dining and shopping facilities. Plaza Construction touted its experience building other large, luxurious hotels and high-end real estate.

The current Resorts World Casino New York City attracts around 10 million people every year and pays over $2 billion in taxes toward the state’s education system since it was opened in 2011. Plaza Construction is owned by China Construction America; this firm is a U.S. subsidiary of one of the world’s largest construction firms, China State Construction Engineering Corp. The company has been involved in building Brooklyn Navy Yard, 11 Times Square and One Thousand Museum.

Even the most experienced construction firms and project managers can encounter difficulties in completing a project, especially when cost overruns or delays are involved. New Jersey and New York construction contract lawyers may help to ensure that well-drafted contracts protect all parties, and the lawyers may work to resolve disputes to keep the project on track.

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