New Jersey bridge repair holds up traffic study

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Monmouth County is considering whether to approve the construction of a solid waste transfer facility. Part of the decision will be impacted by a traffic study near the study’s proposed site, but the country board will not consider the study until repairs to a nearby bridge are complete. The waste plant is planned to be built at Randolph Road near the intersection of route 647.

The reason that the county board needs an accurate traffic study is because the new solid waste transfer facility will require a lot of additional trucks on nearby roadways. The study is designed to confirm or refute the information about traffic provided by the company proposing the plan. A third-party engineering firm is conducting the study for a little more than $30,000.

Repairs to bridge HL-59 are expected to be completed by the end of January 2019. The bridge has been closed since August of the previous year. There are a wide range of jobs that need to be completed, including restoring the stream bed, stabilizing the north abutment, and completing the demolition and removal of the existing road surface. A contract to perform the repairs was given to a private construction firm.

Businesses that are attempting to develop a new office, plant or other type of facility may benefit from the support and guidance of a law firm. There can be a wide range of obstacles to construction, and it’s the job of a firm to help their client file the correct paperwork, obtain permits and make a case for construction if there is a debate. Lawyers should be up to date on all local, state and federal regulations that affect their client’s project.

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