Know the seven most common types of construction defects

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Construction defects can be a nightmare for construction firms, contractors and property owners. Whether the defect was the result of deficient materials, substandard work quality or deviating from architectural plans, multiple parties must usually spend significant time and money trying to resolve the defects.

Recently, Builder and Developer Magazine identified the seven areas where defects are most common in the construction field. Builders and other parties should be aware of the most common types of construction defects, so that they can recognize and prevent them. Let’s examine the seven defects most common in the construction industry.

According to the magazine’s research, construction defects occur most frequently in:

7. MEPs, HVAC and insulation systems

6. Foundation and concrete defects

5. Exterior siding

4. Structural defects

3. Decks and balconies

2. Windows and doors

1. Roofs

Construction defects in these seven areas can have numerous factors, including poor design, improper installation and faulty materials.

Addressing These Common Construction Defects

There are several ways to handle construction defects depending on the size of the defect, how expensive it is to fix, whether it compromises public safety and many other issues. Once a construction defect has been identified, it may take extensive time, money and effort to remedy it.

Sometimes, parties can negotiate privately to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. This may necessitate the help of a neutral party like a mediator, or each party may work with their attorneys. In other cases, however, it is necessary to go to trial and have a judge or jury resolve the issue in court. For situations like these, it is in each party’s best interests to retain an attorney with experience litigating cases involving construction defects.

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