Construction liens and subcontractors

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Perhaps you are a subcontractor, and another business hired you to replace the sheet-rock in a commercial building in New Jersey. Although you completed all required work listed in your original contract, you fail to receive payment from your partner company. To obtain your required payment, you may need to file a lien against your partnering company, so that the company is reminded that it is legally bound to your contract pay requirement.

Contractors’ liens aid in helping contractors and subcontractors receive their correct compensation for their work. Following specific steps in filing a construction lien gives you the opportunity to quickly receive your owed payment. Attorneys help substantially when dealing with construction disputes, and when an issue arises between contractors and subcontractors, an attorney can determine the right course of action for you to receive your deserved compensation. If you complete your construction project but do not receive payment, filing a construction lien with the help of an attorney reimburse you for your owed payments.

Filing a construction lien in New Jersey

According to New Jersey law, you may file a construction lien against a party that owes you payment. You must file and sign a document explaining:

  • Your work and services performed, or the materials you provided for work; and
  • Your identity and the elements of your contract with the accused party

You must file the lien claim within 180 days of your finished construction project, and the claim must include elements such as:

  1. The date that you last worked on the project
  2. The amount of work you completed including:
  • The initial contract price plus amendments; or
  • The value of your work if the project was not completed

While you can file a construction lien against a contractor party by yourself, you may wish to hire an attorney. To ensure that you have all elements related to your construction document, you want to speak with an individual with years of experience to help you develop a sound claim. Doing so, you may successfully obtain your rightful payments.

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