Construction Delay Damage Claims Lawyer

Delay claims cause no end of problems for contractors throughout the construction industry. These disputes are contractually specific, factually intensive and, if mismanaged, especially costly.

Skolnick Legal Group, P.C., excels at handling these delay damage claims on behalf of contractors. Our attorneys draw on nearly half a century of legal experience in order to gather and quickly process the massive amounts of information that can be involved in delay damage claims.

Roseland, Hackensack, Midtown: Delay Damages Lawyers Serving New Jersey and New York

We address delay damage claims that are related to a number of different factors, including:

  • Material cost increases
  • Labor cost increases
  • Design changes
  • Government approval delays
  • Delays caused by owner or other contractors
  • And more

In addressing these delay matters, our firm provides clients with the benefit of the insights held by our firm's founder, attorney Martin Skolnick. Attorney Skolnick has spent years in the construction industry representing contractors, including the five years spent as in-house general counsel to one of the area's most successful contractors.

This knowledge base enables us to deliver legal services that are cost-efficient and tailored to each client's individual needs, both now and in the future. Because we work with each client individually, we get to know our clients' needs in order to provide them with an understanding of all of the legal options that are available to them and which ones best suit their needs.

Essex County Construction Delay Damage Claims: Experienced Attorneys

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