Construction and Bankruptcy

If an owner, developer, or contractor you are working with files for bankruptcy protection, it is important that you know your rights and how best to protect your financial interests. The attorneys of Skolnick Legal Group, P.C., have a wealth of experience dealing with complex construction-related bankruptcy issues.

Let Our Attorneys Help You With Your Construction Bankruptcy Issues

Construction bankruptcy issues involve an intricate set of statutes and legal rules. Not only are these statutes and rules intricate, they are also time-sensitive. Protecting your rights in accordance with the bankruptcy code can mean the difference between getting paid or not.

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A construction bankruptcy is oftentimes confusing because of the interplay between construction law, bankruptcy law and contract law. There are three major types of legal issues that often arise in construction bankruptcies: construction lien issues, surety bond issues and executory contract issues.

Because we already understand the legal intricacies of construction bankruptcy issues, you do not have to pay for us to get up to speed on these issues. We regularly assist clients with a wide variety of construction bankruptcy issues, including:

  • Perfecting construction lien rights in accordance with the bankruptcy code
  • Filing a claim with the surety
  • Filing your claim with the bankruptcy court
  • Determining your contractual obligations after a bankruptcy filing

Our significant experience in resolving construction bankruptcy issues in New Jersey and New York means that our clients can rely on us for thoughtful, well-reasoned and cost-efficient guidance. We regularly help clients understand all of their options so they can make well-informed decisions about their legal options.

Essex County Construction Bankruptcy Lawyers

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