Decades Of Combined Experience Handling Construction Contracts For New Jersey And New York Business Owners

Due to the nuanced language involved in many construction contracts, hiring an experienced attorney to offer guidance and advice is always recommended.

At Skolnick Legal Group, P.C., our team of attorneys possess over 75 years of legal experience handling a wide range of matters, including those involving construction law. Our firm has represented many high-profile construction companies in New Jersey and throughout the New York City, Essex County and Hackensack areas.

Whether you need help drafting, review or negotiating a specific contract, we have the experience to help. We regularly work with AIA forms and the documentation required in order to properly memorialize contractual obligations and duties.

Our firm's founding attorney, Martin Skolnick, also brings unique value to construction contracts, having worked for over a decade as in-house general counsel to one of the area's most significant construction companies.

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Experience matters when it comes to protecting your company in contract negotiations and disputes.

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We also handle construction law disputes involving breach of contract and more.